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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
110FeatureClosedNormalAdd pri support for using the edbee libraryRick Blommers2014-02-07 11:49
108FeatureClosedNormalImplement document-change aware rangesets, that automatically get adjusted when a text item changesRick Blommers2014-02-07 11:48
107FeatureClosedNormalImplement dynamic/scoped evironment-variable supportRick Blommers2014-02-07 11:48
96FeatureClosedNormalMultiple Cut line operations should append the lines together and grow the clipboardRick Blommers2013-12-09 21:56
95FeatureClosedNormalCommand Delete should delete everything to the end of the current lineRick Blommers2013-12-09 21:56
94FeatureClosedNormalCommand Backspace should delete everything to the start of the current lineRick Blommers2013-12-09 21:56
93FeatureClosedNormalControl Delete should delete the current 'word'Rick Blommers2013-12-09 21:56
91FeatureClosedNormalControl Backspace should delete the current 'word'Rick Blommers2013-11-21 09:52
90FeatureClosedNormalAdded a config setting to set the whitespaces rendering modeRick Blommers2013-11-21 09:52
89FeatureClosedNormalImplement smarter backspace for the start of the lineRick Blommers2013-11-15 10:38
85FeatureClosedNormalAdd scroll past end optionRick Blommers2013-11-15 10:38
79FeatureClosedNormalDouble clicking a selection with the control key again should remove the given selection and caretRick Blommers2013-11-07 21:21
78FeatureClosedNormalImplement a language independent smart tab.Rick Blommers2013-11-15 10:38
43FeatureClosedNormalAdd context-menu support in the edbee componentRick Blommers2013-10-22 16:01
41FeatureClosedNormalBuild in Duplicate line (Cmd+Shift+D)Rick Blommers2013-12-19 10:06
33FeatureClosedNormalBuild in support for comment line / comment blockRick Blommers2014-02-07 11:48
31FeatureClosedNormalThe TextSearcher needs to support selection changing of other textranges Rick Blommers2013-10-13 20:09
30FeatureClosedNormalSearching and selections via the fincommands do not result in soft undo'sRick Blommers2013-10-13 20:09
25FeatureClosedNormalThe KeyMapParser shouldn't add data to the TextKeyMapManager. Rick Blommers2013-10-22 16:01
20FeatureClosedNormalChanging TextEditorConfig should automatically update the state of edbeeRick Blommers2013-10-07 11:49
2FeatureClosedNormalMake it possible to configure TextEditorConfigRick Blommers2013-10-07 11:49

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