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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
124BugResolvedNormalLine breaks are rendered with QTextLayout, which results in a strange character on a Linux environment (github issue 2)2014-03-28 15:13
123BugResolvedNormalRunning a compiled edbee example on Ubuntu 13 (64bits) results in a crash in oniguruma Rick Blommers2014-03-28 14:21
122BugResolvedNormalLibrary can't be compiled on Linux, unix name is a predefined word on unix2014-03-25 06:58
118BugResolvedNormalThe width of the editor component should add an extra spacing so the caret isn't placed agains the right window borderRick Blommers2014-02-07 14:26
117BugResolvedNormalThe last line doesn't show the caret marker in the line-number columnRick Blommers2014-02-07 14:25
116BugResolvedNormalThe line-number sidebar doesn't expand automatically when the required space increases.Rick Blommers2014-02-07 14:17
114BugResolvedNormalGive edbee-lib a default keymap if no external key are found!Rick Blommers2014-02-06 10:50
113BugResolvedNormalMove DebugAllocation and DebugAllocationList to the edbee namespace2014-02-11 16:06
112BugResolvedHighSplit edbee into a library repos and an application reposRick Blommers2014-02-05 09:20
111BugClosedNormalImprovie dynamic-rangeset in such a way that ranges aren't deleted. Make it a settingRick Blommers2014-02-07 11:49
101BugClosedNormalSingleTextChange swaps the meaning of length and newLength depending on undo state. This is not desirableRick Blommers2014-02-07 11:48
100BugClosedNormalBuild a general AbstractRangedChange so implementing the line data algorithm becomes trivalRick Blommers2013-12-19 10:06
99BugClosedNormalRepair the merging/coalscing of text line data changes. Rick Blommers2013-12-19 10:06
98BugClosedNormalFix coalescing merging so the remove command workaround in the execute method can be removedRick Blommers2013-12-09 21:56
97BugClosedUrgentRegression: undoing a large coalesced delete operation causes a assertation-failure in the LineData gapvectorRick Blommers2013-12-09 21:56
92BugNewNormalWhen adding carets with mouse clicks, dragging should alter the text range of the last added caret2013-11-15 11:49
86BugClosedNormalPressing left or right when a selection is active shouldn't move the caret (current behavior is not-standard)Rick Blommers2013-11-15 10:38
77BugClosedNormalPressing end of line on the last line, goes to the wrong locationRick Blommers2013-11-07 21:20
76BugClosedNormalPressing enter doesn't scroll the horizontal window back to the first columnRick Blommers2013-10-29 07:44
74BugClosedNormalBecause of the new textdocument/selection architecture indent doesn't update the current selection correctlyRick Blommers2013-10-29 07:44
73BugClosedNormalCoalescing (ComplexTextChange merging) has got a design flaw Rick Blommers2013-12-19 10:06
72BugClosedHighTextDocument ::replaceRangeSet should calculate the ranges currently this is done by a TextChange eventRick Blommers2013-10-29 07:44
71BugClosedNormalKittens are dying because of our projectRick Blommers2013-12-19 10:06
69BugClosedNormalPlain text is included twice in the TextGrammar managerRick Blommers2013-10-29 07:44
68BugClosedNormalAdding a selection with Cmd+Mouse Double click shouldn't expand existing word selectionsRick Blommers2013-11-07 21:21
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