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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
102BugResolvedNormalMousewheel shouldn't switch tabRick Blommers2013-12-09 22:07
88BugClosedNormalReveal function doesn't reveal the complete path on first loadRick Blommers2013-12-21 13:48
75BugClosedNormalGoto pathname in treemenu doesn't display extensionRick Blommers2013-11-05 11:33
64BugClosedNormalClosing an active tab, puts the keyboard focus on the sidebar. Focus should stay in the editorRick Blommers2013-11-05 11:33
56BugClosedNormalShow active filename (and icon) in the titlebarRick Blommers2013-11-02 11:52
55BugClosedNormalOpening a workspace doesn't update the grammar combo's directly Rick Blommers2013-11-02 11:52
54BugClosedNormalSort the grammar combo alphabetically Rick Blommers2013-10-27 20:01
53BugClosedNormalMake the edbee application use the new controller()->createEditorAction method for creating it's editor's actionsRick Blommers2013-10-18 10:40
51BugClosedNormalStore and load caret, scroll-info, grammar and encoding in the workspace fileRick Blommers2013-10-27 20:01
39BugClosedNormalClicking the same file again in the left menu shouldn't result in the opening of the same file again but should select the correct tabRick Blommers2013-10-20 20:25
37BugNewNormalSwitching to tabs with very large files takes too long2013-10-06 19:54
15BugClosedNormalIt should be possible to change the font of the editor. Currently it's hardcodedRick Blommers2013-10-07 23:06
14BugClosedNormalChanging the language doesn't requires a 'click' in the main window to update the widgetRick Blommers2013-10-07 23:06

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