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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
124edbee libBugResolvedNormalLine breaks are rendered with QTextLayout, which results in a strange character on a Linux environment (github issue 2)2014-03-28 15:13
123edbee libBugResolvedNormalRunning a compiled edbee example on Ubuntu 13 (64bits) results in a crash in oniguruma Rick Blommers2014-03-28 14:21
122edbee libBugResolvedNormalLibrary can't be compiled on Linux, unix name is a predefined word on unix2014-03-25 06:58
121edbee libFeatureResolvedNormalInsert line before and insert line afterRick Blommers2014-03-18 16:03
120edbee appFeatureNewNormalReplace current project file list with a custom file model2014-03-04 15:34
119edbee libFeatureResolvedNormalAdd example (or option) to directly load/set a grammar in a texteditorRick Blommers2014-02-13 23:57
118edbee libBugResolvedNormalThe width of the editor component should add an extra spacing so the caret isn't placed agains the right window borderRick Blommers2014-02-07 14:26
117edbee libBugResolvedNormalThe last line doesn't show the caret marker in the line-number columnRick Blommers2014-02-07 14:25
116edbee libBugResolvedNormalThe line-number sidebar doesn't expand automatically when the required space increases.Rick Blommers2014-02-07 14:17
115edbee libFeatureNewNormalRemove dependency of QsLog .2014-02-06 09:18
114edbee libBugResolvedNormalGive edbee-lib a default keymap if no external key are found!Rick Blommers2014-02-06 10:50
113edbee libBugResolvedNormalMove DebugAllocation and DebugAllocationList to the edbee namespace2014-02-11 16:06
112edbee libBugResolvedHighSplit edbee into a library repos and an application reposRick Blommers2014-02-05 09:20
109edbee libSupportNewNormalImprove copyright headers2014-01-12 10:26
106edbee libFeatureResolvedNormalIt should be possible to use the edbee component without external filesRick Blommers2014-02-13 23:57
105edbee appFeatureResolvedNormalImprove workspace support so multiple workspaces can be open at one timeRick Blommers2013-12-23 07:38
104edbee appFeatureResolvedNormalAdd reveal in finder/explorer functionalityRick Blommers2013-12-17 13:00
102edbee appBugResolvedNormalMousewheel shouldn't switch tabRick Blommers2013-12-09 22:07
92edbee libBugNewNormalWhen adding carets with mouse clicks, dragging should alter the text range of the last added caret2013-11-15 11:49
84edbee appFeatureNewNormalAdd a quick open file function2014-01-05 20:33
70edbee libFeatureNewNormalImplement middle mousebutton drag caret adding2013-10-24 10:35
67edbee libFeatureNewNormalAdd a minimap-component 2013-10-22 14:00
65edbee appFeatureNewNormalAdd configuration setting to sort the file-tree so folders are listed first in the tree2013-10-22 12:40
52edbee libFeatureNewNormalSupport smart indentation with the help of textmate "Indentation Rules.tmPreferences"2013-11-15 10:38
50edbee libBugNewNormalMake it possible to retrieve the active grammar directly from the textdocumentRick Blommers2013-11-14 19:16
45edbee libFeatureNewNormalBuild in javascript scripting support2013-10-08 12:16
38edbee appFeatureNewNormalA tab with a dirty document should be rendered differently2013-10-06 19:58
37edbee appBugNewNormalSwitching to tabs with very large files takes too long2013-10-06 19:54
35edbee appFeatureIn ProgressNormalWe need to add a keymap for application specific operationsRick Blommers2013-10-06 18:20
28edbee libBugNewNormalLong lines are extremely slow2013-11-15 10:53
24edbee appFeatureNewNormalWhen clicking an image in the sidebar it would be nice to simply preview it in the editor2013-09-22 21:55
23edbee libFeatureOn HoldNormalThe texteditor keymap should support contexts with keybindingsRick Blommers2013-12-12 09:29
22edbee appFeatureNewNormalMake side menu which supports multiple folder-roots2013-09-22 21:00
21edbee libBugFeedbackNormalwhen the theme cannot be loaded we should fallback to reasonable color paletteRick Blommers2013-09-20 08:28
18edbee libBugNewNormalNot all themes are rendered correctly, some themes have some unreadable colors. 2013-09-27 11:47
12edbee libFeatureNewNormalRange selection by mouse2013-09-10 16:06
11edbee libFeatureNewNormalLine/Range expanding and collapsing.2013-09-10 16:05
10edbee libFeatureNewNormalCommand execution should not perform a full update2013-09-10 16:03
9edbee libFeatureNewNormalAdd javscript scripting-support for writing custom editor commands2013-09-10 16:01
8edbee libFeatureOn HoldNormalKeyMap: Add context-scopes to to seperate key bindings2013-10-22 16:01
7edbee libFeatureNewNormalCheck if we can switch from the test-environment from the custom implementation to QTest2013-09-10 15:49
6edbee libFeatureNewNormalRegExp should support advanced reg-exp engine creation2013-09-10 15:49
5edbee libFeatureNewNormalParse textscopes in the background while idle2013-09-10 15:45
4edbee libFeatureNewNormalBuild in support for smart bracket editing:2013-09-10 15:44
3edbee libFeatureOn HoldNormalMake it possible to have default keysmaps per osRick Blommers2013-10-03 22:58
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